How To Generate Website Traffic in 5 Handy Tips

Social Media leading huge trafficsIf you have website and specially providing services or products you defiantly looking generating for your website traffic for leadings and generators, means looking for higher amount of targeted websites which has a huge traffic going into it.


Website Traffic

Let me quickly go throw the tips to increase traffic:

Be What Google loves; speck from your mouth, don’t copy and be creative as long as you talk about new stuff and things as continuously updating your content with informative information. Examples: What is Gelato? – How to decorate Panda Cupcakes – Funky, Chic and cool laptops bags. you can always get inspired by things you love around you. as like how to build a food smoker, and this is which Google search engine loves

Use relevant keywords from Google keyword tool using the most search words that people are looking for growing up your website traffic, where your material has frequent usage of the relevant keywords then your website will appear in top of Google.

Link to get clicked always after submit your content try to share it to your social media accounts will most of people stays there waiting for unique new stuff.

Then promote your website throw ad campaign in Facebook.

Last one, advertise and talk about yourself the reason is people like to know who is behind these ideas and useful information so they might contact you if you can create a page about you, also always share your opinion with the world.

Analysis of the visitors increasing the size of traffic

Now it’s time where are your audience

Don’t forget to….

Target Your Content to an Audience Likely to Share

Blog Target Audience

Always keep your keywords in your mind and keep remembering them, go to your Google analytic after inserting the tracking code and check the bounce rate if it goes green then you should focus on that target, also look at what’s the search query that mostly has a high impressions then start targeting this specific keyword as this strategy is great for leading a high mount to your website traffic.

Google Analytic queries
Google Analytic – Search Engine Optimization – Query

if you couldn’t find the green light then try to setup Facebook ad campaign or Google Ad-words with a small budget then try again. Once you identify your users you can hit that place and starts your inbound marketing strategy. Wait for my next blog talking how to practice inbound links.

 I have these following useful links will help you generate leads:

Written by Molham Bakir – Website Designer Dubai

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Molham Bakir

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4 thoughts on “How To Generate Website Traffic in 5 Handy Tips”

  1. I think it would affect the seo raninkg, what I would do is keep the blog on blogger but add links back to wordpress and have it on both. Two is always better than one. Then you might even get double the traffic.

    1. focusing on blog is better than jumping from platform to other, also people won’t follow you in all your blogs. if you planning to talk about different topics that also won’t work. in seo you have to be specific and more driven in one road.

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