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Awesome web designer and developer, WordPress expert, lover of life, exploring the limits of unknown

About me

I believe that I have power of expert to help you succeed from artistic creations to inspirational advertising ideas and every other aspect of graphic design.

My career

Supercool startup

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Becoming an user interface engineer and web designer/developer in Dubai was not easy!. The progression was as follows: My beautiful mom gave me a pro Sony 10 mega pixel camcorder and desktop computer and software to upload and edit photos.

How my career progressed from design through to web development - Molham

Basic course

So I started with furniture and decorations, then wedding photographs and how to modify them to professional magazine standard. I then learned how to apply CYMK colors to modify keeping the best printed design quality. By luck I then began working with a large digital printing and media advertising company.

Super cool team mate

Worked with Be Unique

May - September

The largest step in my life where joining Be Unique, through starting with an awesome cool team with one of a 29 years salesman expert who made my professional future supper easy, the knowledge I learned from him worth my entire education in the university.

My aim to fully understand all customer requirements in detail. My usual approach is to start with a simple scratch design then put the colors on Photoshop (these can be picked from Adobe Ruler). Once the layout and overall look been finished and approved by my client, I insert the HTML 5 coding to make the site as interactive as it can be, and design it so that the Online client can see it ‘Online’ before it is published to see exactly how it will look beforehand, provide feedback to make the necessary tweaks and get the end result they need.

Growing. Diving. Flying

Never Stop Learning Everyday

Throughout the process, I provides an invaluable education curve to clients on strategic Online marketing and SEO. As a painter, my work has both liquidity and punch, like being knocked down and engulfed by a powerful wave – although at worst you'll emerge with a few scrapes – that kind of punch. My work has been described as 'explosive’, ‘timely’ and memorable.

Specialize in business consultancy to increase profits, including building a responsive web design/development, graphic design, email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) especially. Delivers highly-effective returns in investment to clients that like to see results and know their money is being spent wisely.


Ali Soudi

Worked with me

Fabruary - May

Ali is born way ahead of his time. What scary is, he is barely scratching his potentials. Once he comes to fore in a corporate setting that optimizes his various core competencies, sky is the limit for this talented young man. He is a telemarketing time bomb waiting to happen.

From artistic creations to inspirational advertising ideas

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Web is changing everyday, so i need to write about it!

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Molham Bakir

Time for travel

Dubai city

I have been visiting Dubai for the first 13 month, and I would like to start talking about my tours around Dubai and speak about the testy foods and sweets in each place I visit, Please follow me on twitter @we_social

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SEO, Web design and Mobile apps



Job Purpose:
Social media management and web development, provides an invaluable education curve to clients on strategic online marketing and SEO (not advertising or selling)

Job Responsibilities:
1. Maximize profits throw my knowledge in SEO.
2. Building a responsive web design/development, graphic design, email marketing.
3. User friendly platforms for mobile and tablets with W3C standards and friendly search engine (valid html).
4. Mobile Applications for Android / iPhone.
5. Educate my clients re advertisements & SEO Analysis.

Edexcel Business Information Technology

High School Diploma, Scientific


Diploma of Web Pages Designing & Developing (3 year)
Data Handling Analyze with MS Excel 2010
Integrated Marketing Communications in e-Commerce
E-Marketing Processes in Practice
Business Application & Computing graduated from British Edexcel in Syria.

My Skills


Awesomness level

Discover the EASY and EFFECTIVE way to brand your business, from the web designer who understands your message and needs!

Awesome coding skills

• Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
• Web, Multimedia and e-Commerce Applications
• Legacy System Maintenance & Transformation
• Application / Product Development and Support
• Website Design, Development & Creative service
• BA group (Business Administration Group).

Working on improving my skills

• 6 years of successful track record in providing media interactive & services
• Business Application & Computing graduated from British Edexcel in Syria.
• Beside in these 6 years where in Adobe software programs from CS2 to CS6
• Public Relation per 2 years, +450 message replied to me, +140 clients registered

Check out some of my soft skills

  • 80/100WordPress
  • 50/100HTML/CSS
  • 30/100User Experience
  • 90/100User Interface Design
  • 55/100PHP/MySQL
  • 85/100Web Design
  • 95/100Team Work
  • 95/100Technical background
  • 95/100Bass guitar player
  • 77/100Mobile Aplications
  • 69/100Web Aplications
  • 96/100Social Networker
  • 100/100Partyordinare
  • 100/100Kitchen Chef
  • 100/100Art Lover


Lets keep in touch

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Contact info

The aim of life is self-development.
To realize one's nature perfectly - that is...
what each of us is Molham Bakir